Jiweicun (Group) Co. is an industrial corporation located in Shantou Special Economic Zone, Guangdong, China, which specializes in producing and selling foodstuff. It was founded in 1993 and registered the trademark-JIWEICUN in 1997. Until now, it has set up 13 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Xi'an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and so on, as well as two production bases in Shantou and Beijing. Such a large-sale network, directly distributes our products to more than 4,000 supermarkets around the country in 20 or 30 days after they leave the factory. Moreover, our products have exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Jiweicun Co. has developed more than 200 items including moon-cake, pie range, cookies, jelly, and preserved fruits. And the market share of moon-cake and pie is overwhelming on the domestic market.

The management belief of Jiweicun Co is "to create better life for people ". As all the management activities are operated on the basis of honesty, Jiweicun Co. develops rapidly year by year. In June 2000, Jiweicun was awarded as the key protecting industrial enterprise by the government of Shantou City; in July. In 2002, it was awarded as "the faithful enterprise" by the Industrial and Commercial Administrative Management Bureau of Shantou City. In the same year, Jiweicun moon-cake was awarded as "China's famous cake" by Chinese Baking Association and as "safe and credible product" by Chinese Foodstuff Industrial Association. Besides, Jiweicun was the sole enterprise in Shantou City, whose products were awarded as famous products of Guangdong Province in September 2002, and which was awarded as the famous trademark of Guangdong Province in January 2003. In September 2003,, which means we take a big stride forward in pursuit of prominent management.

Since Jiweicun Co. was set up, we have been pursuing the prominent administration. We emphasize our inside administration, exerting ourselves to build up the just and equal interior relations, letting our personnel share the treasure of spirit and substance of our company. With the development of the company, we have built an excellent administrative team operating production, logistics and marketing.
On the other side, we do well our outside marketing. It is our belief to take our clients into consideration and leave no stone unturned to provide the high-quality service. We believe that only the shred-profits can be long-standing. All of these are embodied by our persevering pursuit of the prominent administration.

As we devote all our efforts to making our brand and market perfect, we keep high-speed sale outspread and stable increase of profits. In recent years, the sale of Jiweicun moon-cake increased by 100% per year.

Besides paying attention to enterprise management, Jiweicun is public-spirited. Mr. Weng Yuan, the founder-member of Jiweicun, was elected to be the deputy to the Tenth Shantou People's Congress in 1998 and the deputy to the Tenth Guangdong People's Congress in 2002. He not only improves the local economy, but also takes active participation in politics.